Thursday, 17 May 2012

Soapy Craft Night

Some friends and I take turns hosting regular crafty evenings.  Last night was my turn, and I decided to do melt and pour soap.  I've never done it before, and I'm not a girly, soap bar kind of girl.  But  firstly I was inspired by Red Ted Art's Blog- Dinosaur Soap.  Melt and Pour Soap sounded fun.
Then the idea of mixing, pouring and potion making appealed to me.  However, I was very wary of creating a disaster as I usually do with larger scale craft projects.  So I watched a lot of you tube videos and freaked myself out a bit while being inspired at the same time.
Anyway, I think that these turned out pretty well- especially for a first attempt!  And it was fun sitting back with a glass of wine and letting my friends do most of the melting/mixing work and then sticking bits in!  I will definitely be doing this with the kids.  It was not as scary as some of the videos on you tube make out.

Using home-grown lavender from one of our Crafty Ladies.

Pointing out the "dreaded" air bubbles.  I don't know why they are dreaded- according to the experts on the Internet.  Maybe because they look like spit?  Or maybe the soaps will fall apart/go mouldy.  Might try spraying each layer with Rubbing Alcohol next time, as most suggested online.  These kits from Hobbycraft did not mention this.

We used rather a lot of food colouring.  Can't wait to see if the kids turn into Smurfs.

Flower Silicone Molds from Ikea could also pass for Naughty Novelty Soaps when used with pink glitter, as we discovered.  (Not pictured)

Extra Lavender made pretty Lavender Sachets


  1. So cute! What great gift ideas too.


  2. This is so neat. I was at a craft show last weekend and there was tons of homemade soap and I was just thinking I should try to figure out how to make them! Any specific youtube videos you recommend?

      hope these help! Annoyingly, I can't find my fav lady who was making coloured layered soap while humming to take that!


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