Monday, 14 May 2012

Snooping in my Daughter's Room

Don't tell my kids; but even though I get all huffy about it, I really do enjoy cleaning their room.  They are expected to keep things tidy, put clothes away, make their beds, dust ect., but I come in every couple of weeks (or more) for a deeper clean, and snoop!
I just love being surrounded by their belongings,

and creations,

(Monster on a cloud)

and their treasures.

Portrait of my girl, by a friend.

I love having an insight into their secret lives.

These were written by my daughter's friend.  "I hate Dolls and Poo."  Fair Enough.

Ready for Hogwarts.

Drawer of Stuff.

I like being surrounded by things that used to be in my childhood bedroom.

Doorstop Treasures

Garden treasures

Ikea Instructions Hacking Creations

 I know that I haven't got long before I am banned from their bedrooms, so I am enjoying the access while I can!  My Grandma told me that she used to put her kid's records on when she was cleaning the house.  I look forward to doing that soon- when their taste in music progresses from Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.
All photos were approved by My Lady. 

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  1. I loved seeing all the little treasures, it reminds me of the sort of things that I used to collect when I was a child (and still do....!). I made my son a small treasure box to keep his little things in away from his sister, it was fascinating to see the things that he wanted to put in there.


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