Sunday, 20 May 2012

Postcard Giveaway Winner!

Michelle H. won the set of Postcards!  

Thank you for participating!  Some very sweet answers about random moments of happiness:-)  So pleased that I did something technical and it worked, and  that y'all were interested!  The Rafflecopter seems to be a pretty good thingymabobber.  But I did set it to announce the winner on the widget, but it didn't seem to do that... Never mind! 

Just FYI- and I'm not working for them or anything- but I usually get my pictures printed with Photobox.  I upload my pics and then wait until there is a special offer on (there always is, you just have to wait for the right one)  I've always been happy with the printed quality, although in the past, when if I have been disappointed with the result, they have been very helpful in correcting things.   When you are printing cards, you have the option to pay a bit more to have the Photobox logo removed off of the back. I haven't done this and I don't know if you will be allowed to place your own name there instead.  I just feel a bit funny about "advertising" myself!  
I've also scanned the kid's artwork and had them made into cards.  This has been a great idea, because I always like them to make their cards, but there is not always time, but now I always have some on hand.
They offer 60 free prints when you join, so worth signing up just for that!  They also offer a free spiral photobook for any friends you sign up as well as a ton of other offers that I can't even keep up with. 

If you are into Postcards and you would like to make your own, Tara at StickyFingers is celebrating the 100th week of The Gallery and is offering the winner a chance to print 50 greeting cards from Moo.
I'll be checking out Moo as well to see what they can print!

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  1. Yay Michelle (Oh shoot for me...ha ha). What a great idea to make them. Maybe I will do that.



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