Monday, 21 May 2012

The Photo Studio Behind My Sofa: Part 1

Just thought I would show you "where the magic happens" in my house.
Behind The Sofa is where I take a lot of my pictures.  
Here are some I made earlier:-)

This space has got the best light in the house, and the old, dark brown leather sofa makes a great backdrop.  It is probably technically unacceptable to have so much light so that you can see the photographer's reflection in the eyes (moi) but really that doesn't bother me.  It gives a good idea of how things are around here- Mummy's got her camera out again!
So all I did here, was ask the kids to sit and let me practice, take about 8 pictures each, all within 5min TOTAL, choose an acceptable one without dinner or bogies on display (see how the nose is conviniently left out of that last picture?)  Then upload to photoshop, crop, desaturate, adjust brighness/contrast, save!

You can see the set up here.  The little man is sitting on my Pallet Photo Studio!  My new favourite backdrop!  He loves these and was setting up his own things to take pictures of.  Here he is sitting with the £1 car boot sale briefcase that we all love so much!  He says the pallets are comfy!  They have been sanded down, ready to make a table that we don't really have space for.  But we have used them so in so many different ways as they are, so I might keep them freelancing.

Some Outtake Ones:
Little one getting jealous of the big one showing off his missing tooth for the camera

Waiting for the boys to finish tackling eachother...

Here is a gentle reminder to always WIPE YOUR NOSE before having your photo taken.  EVEN if it's just a casual practice session, because you never know how they might turn out, and bogies are YUCK!

DIY Show Off


  1. Actually you can see more than just a reflection in their eyes. You can also see love.


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