Thursday, 10 May 2012

Our Light Box- Ikea Hack

I am not going to beat about the bush here.  I want to be a "Play at Home Mom".
Those chicks know what they are doing when it comes to fun and learning.  So I have been having light box envy and decided that I was going to go and buy a big plastic box, and make my own, like they showed here:
Off we go to Ikea, where I found the perfect thing; The new design Children's Table for £13.99.  This is a bit more than I wanted to spend on what is effectively a plastic box.  BUT.  This is perfect.  Toddler size, sturdier than a plastic box, and lots of possibilities.  The table top is a lid, then the box in the middle.

Here is our table loaded up with battery operated lights (heart-shaped and other)

Whoa.  The toddlers L.O.V.E.D this.  The one year old even kissed it a few times.

Magic marker colouring on baby wipes.  Thought this would be cool, but the wipe kept shifting.

Bouncy Ball examination in Ikea sorting tray

Crafty leaf skeletons

Abstract art with coloured cellophane.  

Large push light with frosted cover-£1.99 from pound stretcher!

Tracing and drawing with tracing paper (more see-through than normal paper)

Demonstrating the sturdiness of the table and checking out the light from a different perspective.

Putting the small, led push light under the table and putting things inside the box in the table.  This will be great for doing things with messy play as well.  I've got some aqua beads arriving at some point so that I can really be like the play at home moms!  I'm hoping these will be great in there.  I feel safer using the battery operated lights instead of lights plugged into the mains.  

Finding other great uses for the table.  I am hoping that we don't get this confused with his potty...

Fish In The Water by the 6 year old boy

Beads and marbles came out after-work hours.  Cannot risk these around the little ones who are still putting things in their mouths!


Lights out of the box are pretty great too.

Tracing table

I love our new light table.  Considering that this was all on day one, I'm sure there will be many more light table experiments to come!  Thanking the Play at Home Moms for the inspiration!
Update: We have since used this as a pretend aquarium too:

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  1. I love that table and some great ideas! I have got to get me one of those! Thanks for sharing.

  2. oh my word!!!!!!!!!! I wanna come play at your house! LOVE IT!
    Thanks so much for joining in with our PinAddicts Challenge.
    Kerry x

    1. Thank you Kerry! Playdates welcome anytime:-)

  3. Now that is a brilliant idea with so many possibilities! It would be great for such a wide range of ages too...wonderful!

  4. Amazing. Great idea, & I look forward to what else you do with the table. Lucky kids!

  5. What a great idea! Looks like they had a great time!

  6. What a brilliant idea. Love it. x

  7. what a great work around! I am a bit worried about doing some of the activities on our light table because I use it for work, it's not a piece of play equipment really.

  8. Thanks for posting this--now I know what I can use to make the light table I've been wanting to make for ages. IKEA, here I come!

  9. Hi, what a great idea! Can I ask are the lights in the box battery powered?

    1. Hi Christina, We used battery operated lights. I think most of them are low led lights or something like that! You can get very bright push ones in Ikea that you could stick to the undersides of cupboards and these work well.


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