Monday, 7 May 2012

The National Herb Centre

Just over seven years ago, I was on a "road trip" with my mother.  We were visiting Gardens that were open for Charity, and happened upon The National Herb Centre.  

This was such an inspiring place that I was sure that I would come again.  But for some reason, (I'll blame it on baby brain) I could never find it again.  It wasn't where I had thought it was.  After getting lost on a couple of attempts, I gave up.  Of course, I could have googlemapped it.  I tried finding it on the sat nav, but it didn't exist on there at the time.  I didn't try hard enough...

Here's my mother, heading for the nature walk.  

Two days later, she would become an Oma for the first time.

Yesterday, we stumbled upon the Herb Centre again.  Hubby now believing in it's existence.  When I saw the brown sign, my excitement wore off on the kids.  And now I am pleased that I never officially looked it up again, because stumbling upon things like this makes it feel all the more exciting to me!  They had a great time hiking the hills through the forest and smelling the plants.
Now, seven years later, Oma is a wonderful grandmother of 3!

The same path where I had taken the picture of my mother.


There is a great playground where the kids had a run around while I cruised through the plant sections.    at leisure.

What I left with.  
Ok, they are not all herbs, I know, but they were cheap!   If you are into herbs- it's well worth a visit.  The sections are all laid out clearly, medicinal herbs, dying plants, herbs for cooking and all are displayed with clear planting instructions and information about what the herb is commonly used for.   This is so much better than having to dig out the little marker in the plant pots to read what you need to know.  And I thought all the plants were reasonably priced.  There is also a great cafe where I remember having a mega herby salad all those years ago.  There wasn't time for a cafe stop this visit though.  Maybe next time...if I can ever find it again!


  1. that was a lovely story.....looks like somewhere i would like to visit!

  2. This is sweet. You are incredible.


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