Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Colour Therapy

Sometimes, when I am planning the weekly menu and shopping lists, I revise; and realise that I have inadvertently planned the menu so that we would be eating red meat or chocolate- every day.  I then think that this must mean I have a deficiency of some sort.
Last week, the same thing happened with my indoor activity planning.  It was all colour-based.  I'm thinking that this was a direct result of the dull, rainy weather that we had been having and that I was needing some colour therapy!
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I loved painting these blocks up.  The best part was peeling off the masking tape and feeling that I had been precise!  The other great thing was that the planks were free from Wickes and Handy Hubby quickly chopped them to size for me!

Egg Carton Sorting Trays with Beads

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Sorting, Shmorting!

I have come to the conclusion that my son follows a tipping out schema.

Shaving Foam, Food Colouring, Marble Paper

Coloured Rice
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Again, my son is a tipper-outer.  He enjoyed sweeping it up while the girls kept theirs in their trays!


  1. Oh how I would love to be a kid again. Preferably your kid. :) How fun is this!

    1. Awwww! It's definitely fun being an adult round here too!


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