Monday, 30 April 2012

Right On!

Today, I am appreciative of the blue skies!  I have been feeling a bit cooped up for the past few days and am happy that I got to take the kids out for some fresh air today without worrying about flying debris and face-smacking rain.
blue skies appreciation

taking note of the new greenery


and more weeds!

The kids scattered seeds a few weeks ago and they are growing up like crazy now!  I hope we can pull off the wildflower look!

uncurling fern fronds

creepy crawlies enjoying the break from the rain too!

The Curry Plant smelling like a fresh takeaway after the rain. Mmmmmm...

Happy Day

PeaSoupCampervanToday I have also posted on Hubby's site: Treasures found in our Campervan


  1. And breath....!

    We have the sun and blue sky today as well - I've got nothing done as I can't stop staring at it.


    Nina x

    1. Hi Nina! Didn't last long! Clouded over with grey skies looming. Glad we went out when we did!

  2. I love your photography! The faded whimsical colours, the composition- stunning!

    xo em


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