Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Gallery:At Peace

I found it difficult to find a recent picture of Peace for this weeks Gallery!   Our life is pretty loud/messy/busy/chaotic with kids running all over the place!  And really, that brings me peace:-)  But sometimes (ok; often), I resort to sticking the tele on for a bit of peace.  Or rather, a few minutes when I can go to the toilet, do the washing up, cook the dinner and so on, without being interrupted having to break up fights, soothe tears, entertain... you know what I mean!  
LUCKILY, my children are "couch potatoes".  If the tele is on, they will watch it.  And I am grateful for this.  I know many children who will not sit through a half hour program, let alone a movie.  Maybe it's because I limit screen time and we never have it on "in the background".  Whatever.  I feel guilty, but I'm not complaining!  The tricky thing is to be subtle and not to let them realise that they will be allowed to watch t.v. if they start going a bit too crazy and Mummy is reaching the end of her tether!
Couldn't resist grabbing the camera to capture the boys staying still together, sun kissed faces, white tops, snuggled up close, not body-slamming each other by jumping off the sofa.

And here are some from the archives; back when naptime happened!

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