Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Tissue Paper on Sticky Back Paper

I thought this would keep little toddlers amused for at least half an hour.  But they were a bit grabby, and so the sticky back paper stuck to itself a lot.  They dropped handfuls of ripped tissue paper onto the paper and said they were finished within 1 minute!
But my windows look pretty colourful, and they did enjoy themselves for that short time frame!

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  1. That is pretty and I shall imagine when the light comes through awesome!

  2. I do envy you patient crafty mums. I love the mess-making but not so much the clearing up. Somehow the wee ones don't seem to do their fair share of that bit!!
    Nice to meet you via the Gallery. (here's my entry for what it's worth! )

  3. So pretty! Might have to go and get some tissue paper now...


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