Monday, 12 March 2012

Spaghetti and Marshmallow Structures

Our after-school activity of the day was making spaghetti and marshmallow structures. We got the idea from  the DK Mini Scientist In the Kitchen book that we borrowed from the library.

Mouse with whiskers
This kept the kids busy for about 10 minutes.  I know they could have taken things a lot further, but I think they knew that I was going to let them eat the marshmallows at the end.  So the "science/learning part got a bit rushed and neglected.,,9781405356183,00.html
Although there are endless science experiments on the internet, for £6.99 this book is totally worth it.  Everything is simple.  There are a few things that we have already done,but with different approaches. The "learning bit" is explained in a very easy way so that it is not daunting; perfect for me, not just "Mini Scientists".

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