Friday, 30 March 2012

Pollock Style Painting

At school, the kids are trying to recreate styles of famous painters on computer paint programs.  Jackson Pollock was the first painting style they learned about, so I decided to let them do some "real" painting: Pollock style.  First we watched old footage of him painting on YouTube.   Then they had a go:

According to the boy, Jackson Pollock was the best painter EVER.  I think he appreciates the technique.

He enjoyed this so much, he had to do another one.  And sister had to have a go too!

And "Pollock Painting" on a canvas bag with fabric paint.

An Artist.

Don't my walls look smart!

After this, they tried the painting app that mimics Pollock style painting.  I don't think that they were that impressed after having done the "real thing".   

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