Thursday, 1 March 2012

Paint and stuff in sandwhich bags

My friend put this idea on Pinterest, and we just had to try it.  Super simple.  Super satisfying.  Not even just for the babies and toddlers, but for the older kids and myself too!  Squirt some paint into a sealable sandwhich bag, have a play.  My only concerns is that these Tesco's bags may not be as strong as some other brands, but we'll see.  I have asked them not to use their nails, but if there was an accident, there isn't that much paint in there to cause too much damage anyway.
After a couple of hours, the colours all mixed together.

Glitter Paint
I put cheap hair gel in this one with some sequins and glitter.  I think this one is my favourite.

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  1. What an amazing idea!!!!
    I cant wait to show the littlies when they get home;)))
    Best wishes


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