Thursday, 22 March 2012


I have some backtracking to do.  I was a bit quick to diss magazines and the rubbish in them.  My subscriptions don't run out until April, so I have still been receiving Easy Living and Essentials magazines.  I quite like that Essentials uses "real" people instead of models and I appreciate their sensible ideas and modest approach to consumerism.  They have also given me some fantastic recipes and here is one of my new favourite soups from their February 2012 issue:
Spicy Carrot and Coconut Soup.
2 Tbsp Thai Red Curry Paste
1kg bag carrots, peeled and diced
400g tin coconut milk (I used Light)
800ml hot vegetable stock
1/2 small bunch of coriander chopped

Heat the Curry paste in a large pan and cook for one min.  Add the carrots, coconut milk and stock and bring to a simmer.  Cook for 35/40 min until carrots are very tender.  Whizz until smooth, season to taste and add the coriander.  Whizz again until smooth.

As with every recipe that I have tried and tested, you know that it has to be virtually fail proof, because I refuse to measure precisely.
How I love Coriander!

The older kids hate this soup, but the 2 year old and Mummy and Daddy cannot get enough of this!  And of course, the simplicity of the recipe is fantastic.
Thank you  to Essentials Magazine!

When I was dissing magazines, I forgot about National Geographic.  I love the National Geographic magazine.   The subscription price is crazy cheap for what it is.  Especially for renewing members.  You usually get great maps and fleeces on membership renewal too.  Although it's not a quick read for me, (I probably get through 1 every 4 months) I would not like to be without the facinating pictures and articles and will be keeping my subscription to them. Where else am I going to find the Ultimate Tutorial about how to shrink a head?!  Captivating Reading. (January 2012 issue)
However, I haven't changed my opinion of Easy Living.  This magazine never fails to press my buttons.  We are just not on the same page.  I was keen to see that they had a special price this month; down from £3.70 to £2.  But being at the end of my subscription, this wasn't really a bonus for me.  I guess every little pence adds up for those who are coerced into buying the products they endorse!  I was also hopeful to see the new feature: The School Runway.  Alas, I was dissapointed.  Either these mums live on a different planet and are not concerned if their children leave "snail trails" on their top-shopped shoulders when giving cuddles, or I suspect they were given due warning that a photographer would be on site and to wear their best on a certain day.  This could be a great feature, but I would be more appreciative of a wider variety of people/budgets/lifestyles?  Maybe it's supposed to be inspirational, and something to aspire to, but personally, I am quite happy in my school run attire today.  For the record, I am wearing Matalan Jeans (that are too big, but it's ok...) Asda t-shirt, and 5 year old shoes from Next, which is the finest garment of my attire.  If we have an accident, or an adventure today, as we usually do, the last thing I want is to be worring about is ruining my clothes. 

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