Monday, 6 February 2012

Snow/Winter Science for youngsters

 Today we collected some snow before it all melted away.

We brought it inside to play with it and to observe what would happen to it.  This was great, because it meant that the smaller, crawling children could play in the snow without having to sit in it outside and get too cold.
We used describing words like "cold" and "hard".

It's MELTING!  This was quite interesting because it's taken a lot longer than I expected.  This was after 1 hour!  So this activity could be extended for older children.  Get them to place bets on how long it will take to melt.  Will it melt quicker in different places of the house?  Why?  You could extend this even more by talking about global warming!  Or set up a time-lapse camera- as handy hubby wanted to do.  

But we are not getting that carried away quite yet!
I might get the older kids to collect some snow and put it in a baggie in the freezer to see how long we can keep it in snow form.
A couple of winters ago we learned about freezing water and made a dolly ice rink.

We had to try it out for ourselves.

Today we also made lots of foot prints and tried to figure out who they belonged to.  We used language such as "big", "small", "patterns"  and we looked at doggie prints and the tracks of the sledge.
We're going to be sad when the last bits of slush has melted away.

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