Saturday, 11 February 2012

Rolled Icing Cakes and Wishful Thinking

Today I made this cake for my 2 year old boy:
It is supposed to be a mini car, ok?
This was my first ever attempt at using ready rolled icing.  And I don't think it was too bad.  The thing is, I like a nice butter icing, but after 7 years of trying, I have realized that it doesn't make for a clear image on a character cake.  I know that this looks kind of wonky, but my boy knows what it is supposed to be and that's all that matters.  However, this has gone to my head, and now I think I might have to attempt some of these beauties:

The Wedding Library: Ornate Henna Cakes - The Bride's Guide : Martha Stewart Weddings

They might not make my mouth water, but they certainly make my eyes water! And as always,  that little crafty voice in my head is telling me;  "You could do this!  Easy!"  and then the results are always faaaar from the vision in my head.

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