Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Whenever I get the laminator out, I go a bit crazy.  We have a lot of placemats!  Here we have written everyone's name next to their hand prints.  This way, the children can lay the table with sight recognition of names.  Mummy and Daddy have their real names at the top for the benefit of childminded children.  Childminded children also have their own placemats with their names on them.

Here, the kids have cut up bits from old magazines and can do the activities on the mats with wipeable markers.  These need updating with more advanced games for the older children.  Dot to dot, sudoku, word searches and jokes would make good ones!

We can learn Dora Spanish while we eat!

A few years ago, someone from Freecycle gave us a HUGE stack of Thomas the tank engine magazines.  We  laminated this for wall posters, but the used them as double-sided placemats.

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