Monday, 13 February 2012

Donna Wilson Monsters

Today is the first day of half term.  2 out of the 3 kids are under the weather.  It's been raining.  Perfect for crafty kits.  Today we made Donna Wilson's Make your own Monster Kits that the kids got a while ago.
The finished product created by 7 and nearly 6 year old.
Came with way more than enough fluff so we'll use it for another project.

The kids are using the extra scraps to make little blankets for their toys.
This was a great rainy day activity, but easy enough to do with random scraps at home without buying a kit.  A friend of mine collects her old shrunken jumpers and shrinks them as much as possible and then makes brooches out of the shrunken wool.  
Here's one we made with her templates and shrunken jumpers using embroidery floss.

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