Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Play Shop/ Swap Shop Gem

Check out this cupboard.  It's a swap shop gem!  I went to drop off a huge load of stuff from clearing out and as expected, I came back with something else.  I couldn't resist.  Handy Hubby says it's U.g.l.y.  but I don't think it's that bad.  If I could be bothered, I might get some new knobs one day.  But it's good solid mdf? and we can never have enough storage space.  It works really well in the alcove until we make some built in shelving/cuboards. And, it was FREE and it can go back when we are finished with it!
The kids love it and have taken over.  This picture was taken within an hour of it's arrival.  It didn't even make it to it's resting place before they swarmed.  They made a shop!

So we have decided to go with this theme and play shops for a few weeks- adopting it as our topic.
Writing a list, counting the Money.


Book shop

Forget the shop.  Lets hide in here.

In keeping with the theme, we are playing with the small world shop toy- in English and Dutch- Double Learning Benefit:-)  They also learn sorting, matching pictures and numbers.  And how to stack shelves:-)

We've been playing Shopping Spree and Shopping List

Now it's a Supermarket.

A lot of our pretend play print outs came from http://homeschooling.about.com a few years ago.  I have laminated them for long life but the little ones keep pulling them off and then I worry about them chewing the blu tac...  They also like to peel all the labels off the "tins".

Shopping Trolley/Baby Walker


Making Lists

The variations are endless. McDonald's Drive through, Bakery, Doctors Reception... the fun never stops:-)

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