Monday, 16 January 2012

Losing the Plot?

I've been feeling a bit stressed lately. Boohoo me.
 After brainstorming and procrastinating and wallowing, the only way to get rid of the stress for me is to DEAL with the issue once and for all.
Issue 1 causing me stress: I love Childminding but I HATE the paperwork. Forms scare me and it doesn't help that I can acknowledge that they scare me because they still need to be sorted and filled in at the end of the day. So finally bit the bullet to get on with things-with a few distractions. Things didn't go so well- numbers and calculations were needed, ecetera.
I thought a good clear out and shredding session would help clear the mind to focus, but the shredder broke midway through.
So I found a MUCH more satisfying way to get rid of old paperwork!
The kids and I enjoyed this BIG Time.  
To enhance the feeling that maybe I am losing the plot a bit, I can't stop playing Mary Poppins in my head...

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