Friday, 6 January 2012

Bowls for Christmas

My sister and I live in different parts of the world, and we were lucky enough to spend our first Christmas together this year.  We didn't speak much beforehand in terms of "wish lists" so I was surprised at our "telepathic" link to eachother.  I got her a little gnome tree ornament; she got me a little gnome ornament.  I made her a bowl, she made me a bowl!

My Record bowls didn't end up as too much of a disaster either, which was a bonus!  
Just this one- I don't know if it's because I followed instructions on the internet and left them for 8 minutes.  The ones above worked better when I left them for 2 minutes MAX and then shaped them over the bowl using oven gloves.  The Blue Starline Record was a bit wonky on the folds and I think that is because it was still in the oven for  a bit too long.  They become really pliable after only a quick blast of heat.

The Beautiful bowl that my sister made me.  Incredible that this was the FIRST thing that she made using the pottery wheel.  I have a Super Talented Sister!

I LOVE this.  I just have to figure out where I can put it so that I can see it all the time, but so that it is safely out of reach of little hands...

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