Thursday, 29 December 2011

Toddler Kitchen/Ikea Hack?

It's my Goddaughter's First Birthday Today and I hope she is going to like what we made for her!  Personally, I love it.  I'm really pleased it turned out ok.

£7.99 from Ikea (This is what my little man helped me to build from flat pack.)

Handy Hubby Cut hole to fit plastic tub for sink.  This can be removed so that she can put real water in there if she wants to and then it can be tipped away.  He put mdf on the back and hooks and cut circles for the hobs.  I think he also made it more structurally sound after he cut out the hole for the sink as we didn't add the middle support beam in to allow space.

We couldn't find real (cheap) taps, so I spray painted and glue gunned some of the kid's wooden blocks. Handyman attached these so that the taps turn.

I love this material!

The kitchen is quite low at the moment, but I think it will be a great size for her right now.  As she grows, we might be able to lift it?  There are no annoying beeping things, so I have also gotten her a microwave oven to go under the hob.  Beeping is satisfying.  But we can also add things on with time.  My friend is coming today to see if they can fit it in their house, but I am already thinking about a mini Smeg imitation fridge and she hasn't got that much work space so maybe another one of these tv stands to make an l-shaped kitchen?  Why is Mini So Fun??!!

Eiffel Tower Bunting for the birthday girl!  Yes I realize that half of the towers are upside down.  But I am too pleased with the kitchen to let that bother me to much!  I like to make my bunting with ribbon- gives it a bit of sheen:-)


  1. Thats fantastic! I want one too!! You are so clever. What a lucky little girl she is

  2. What a brilliant idea! I love it! I've pinned it to pinterest, such a cool idea!

  3. Thank you! She seemed to like it and it was the perfect height for her:-)


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