Tuesday, 13 December 2011

To Homemake Gifts or not to homemake gifts?

I'm having a little debate.  Is it cool to give homemade gifts?  Or is it obnoxious?
So I'll make a list to brainstorm.
1. Just because I like to make stuff, it doesn't necessarily mean that it is amazing.  Do I inflict that on my loved ones?
2. I am no longer 6 years of age.  Why should I think that anyone will be appreciative of a little homemade gift?  Not everyone will react like your mama when given a homemade gift- And they SHOULDN'T have to.
3. There are SOOOOOOooOOOOooOOOo many homemade gift ideas on the internet.  A lot of which involve repackaging something, sticking a cutsie label on it and delivering a huge helping of Showing Off.  Bleech.  No offense intended.
4.  There is a sense that the crafter likes to make a certain thing and a lot of it.  Therefore- this is what everyone is getting and they should be appreciative.
5.  There is a sense of snobbery?  Like the reciever should be in awe of the giver for having gone the extra mile to make-it-themselves.  
And I'm scared that if I homemake a gift, it will have come under 1, if not all of these categories.  Also, it could be completely tasteless.

1.  I have been the receiver of some pretty amazing homemade gifts.  A very close friend has given me paintings- and has given my children paintings of things that they specifically would like.  She has also made beautiful, personal books for the children.  My sister has done this as well, and these are things that will be cherished for years to come.  For our wedding gift, my Aunt made us an exquisite quilt.  Also for our wedding, my friend made our wedding cake, but also made the statue that sat on the top.  Even though I look like Fiona from Shrek- we love this!  The list goes on and on.  And thinking of all the things that friends and family have made and given to me over the years makes me feel very loved and honoured.
2. Knowing that time and effort was spent in creating a gift specially for you is a nice feeling.
3. It's nice when it's not about the Money Money Money (although crafting usually comes at quite a price!)  Giving should be about making someone other than yourself happy.  If they like homemade gifts, and you like making them, then the satisfaction can go both ways.
4. Kids can do it.  Anyone can do it.  (although not always to the highest quality) It's the thought that counts!

So I guess in conclusion- homemade gifts are the best.  Giving should be about making someone other than yourself happy.  If they like homemade gifts, and you like making them, then the satisfaction can go both ways.  I think that it's worth the risk of maybe not getting it right all the time?  Anyway- I had to come to the conclusion that homemade gifts are the best- because just look at how cool that camera stamp is on my (cutsie) label!  I know it doesn't actually fit on the label- that was annoying.  But I LOVE that stamp and I needed an excuse to use it.  So if you are a lady in my life- chances are you'll be on the receiving end of a set of postcards designed by yours truly this Christmas.  With a cutsie little label on it!  Blech!  Now seriously- I figure if you are going to make presents- only do it if it is something that you would actually like to get from someone else.  I started making cards when I realised that I was BUYING generic flowery cards to give to people.  I realised how silly that was when I like taking pictures myself- of flowers too.  Might as well use them for something.  And as I have gotten older, I have learned that it IS useful to have stationary and cards on hand.  So I really hope this is a useful gift, and not too bleeechy.  

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  1. why haven't i seen this post before?........you are right, i love it when i get a home made gift.
    i give a lot myself, but only to people i know that like to receive them.
    great post......well thought out.


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