Sunday, 18 December 2011

I'm no Martha or Kirstie /Festive Intestines

I can't resist going on a homemade gift rampage.  Regardless of my trepidations.  And in my head, everything is easy, and beautiful and stress/mess free to make.  The things that I make look great; in my head.
Then reality.
I have been working with kids for a long time and should really be able to make my own play dough.  Everyone tells me that it is SO easy to make.
So I finally try a no-cook recipe for Halloween.  Did not work.
Then I see all these brilliant homemade playdough gift pictures on certain blogs.  And they look so gosh-darn cute.  Gingerbread playdough, candy cane playdough... Not only would my kids love to help make and play with  these recipes, but they would make easy and cost effective gifts for kid's friends.
This is what I wanted to make:
Now she explains it pretty well.  It's not rocket science.  But I'm pretty sure something went wrong.
This was NOT easy.  The recipe describes "stirring".  This thing was STODGY. And how long are you supposed to cook it for?  Because it was at least 45 min to an hour and it was still sticky when I eventually gave up.  The saucepan took at least 3 scrapes and soaking sessions to get the crust off the bottom.
Lucky for everyone involved, hubby took the kids out for their lessons.  I admit to having a sneaky beer and a mini rave session to alleviate the frustration.  (Carlsberg and 8tracks Dance Pants)  It worked and I had fun.  But this stuff is nasty.
Used a LOT of red food colouring, but this is the max red it got.  At one point I was making a well for the dye in this flesh-coloured dough, then poured the red colour in and it looked like a horror film.
To me, this just looks like Festive Intestines.  And it smells "Yuck" according to the kids.
Even dressed up with ribbon and cutsie label, this is a FAIL.
The gingerbread playdough was not as bad, but it was drier.  And that is just annoying too when you are trying to roll out the dough for gingerbread men.  The Gingerbread Dough does SMELL nice though.
As "unfun" as this was, I'm sure I haven't given up on making playdough quite yet... 

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