Sunday, 18 December 2011

I'm no Martha or Kirstie continued...

I don't know how the hubby puts up with this.  The kitchen is usually overflowing with some crafty thing or the other.  Literally.
I'm beginning to feel like we are living in an episode of "I Love Lucy" or something.  I come up with some coocoo idea and faithful hubby let's me get on with it... brings me tools... refrains from commenting too much and doesn't even say "I told you so!" even when he has, and I don't listen, and everything goes wrong.  Actually that doesn't sound like Ricky Ricardo very much!  Lucky me:-)
For a Christmas present for my friends, I wanted to make a mosaic pot with pieces of broken pottery that they found around their cottage garden.  

 So I sealed normal terrecota pots with pva.  (Listened to hubby after a failed attempt to glue-gun the tiles on directly.  Apparently, you also want to do this for some reason if you are going to grout it.  Non-pourous surface or some science like that.)

In grouting stage. This was tricky because they were all different levels.  Not perfect.  I decided that it would look better as a multi-wicked candle rather then as a plant pot.  So I glue gunned a tile over the hole in the pot and set to work.  Hubby kindly told me that I might want to consider another option as the hot wax would melt the glue.  NAH!  The wax will cool quickly and won't effect the hot glue gun glue.  It's glue that's used to being hot, right?!  But just in case, I will pour only a little bit of wax in first.  That was fine, so I'm in a rush and pour the lot in.

Then I take a picture, because I have some sort of delusion that I too can make a tutorial.  What's that seeping out the bottom there?  My foot is being splattered by pouring wax.  Nice.  Luckily the kitchen is such a mess, I have jars at hand to catch a lot of wax as it pours down.  I can use that again:-)

That's crayon on the floor too from another crafty adventure months ago!

In the end, I left the real super crafty crafter to it and he blocked up the hole in a more efficient manner and did the wax bits!

This was the second pot- with a bit better grouting as I was getting more practice.  Quite pleased with the result.  Worth the mess.  Now we want one for ourselves:-)  I just hope our friend's like it too.  I guess time will tell it they keep bringing me bits of broken pottery or not!  

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