Saturday, 10 December 2011

If you like it, then you shoulda put some bling on it!

We Love Dinosaurs. We love Glitter. Hence the idea to make dinosaur ornaments.
I also Loved this dinosaur from Dwell:

dwell - Tyrannosaurus Rex

dwell - Tyrannosaurus Rex (clipped to

I thought I would be clever and make my own:
He's cool.  But not that cool.  I'm underwhelmed.  You can't even see the glitter spray on top of the silver spray.

I also Blinged a lot of little dinosaurs for the tree.  I KNOW Dinosaurs and Christmas don't really go together.  But Christmas is also about making loved ones happy, and my kiddies love dinosaurs and I love glitter...
Screwing these into the dinosaurs was super satisfying!  They went in so easily- just by hand.

After a couple of coats of the glitter spray paint above.
But they still weren't bling enough for me.

So I painted the dinosaurs with mod podge and then COVERED them with GLITTER.
Once they were dry, I covered them with another layer of mod podge, just to seal the glitter in place.  Now these ones got some "ooo"s and "aahhh"s from the kiddies.  The husband doesn't get it.  But there is no reason behind the madness.  He knows that he just has to "go with it".  He did back away when I saw this- and said "Maybe THIS is what the dinosaurs and the tree needs!"

Check this out!  Looks like FUN!
Maybe next year I can do animals like this and turn them into ornaments.

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