Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sweet little lies...

The other day, I noticed that a chunk of my daughter's hair was missing. When we asked her what happened, she didn't want to say. She was worried that she would get into trouble. After much prompting, and telling her that she wasn't in trouble; we just wanted to know what happened, she explained.
Apparently, when she was out shopping with Granny in town, someone came up to her in Debenhams and cut her hair without her noticing!

was it a bad reaction for us to have a little giggle? Perhaps we should have taken it VERY seriously and starting phoning Granny/Debenhams/police and start asking for CCTV footage:-)

Finding it hard not to think that it is sweet when she is taking after me in the little-lie department.

I was the same age when something crazy happened when I was in the shower;
The wet wash cloth happened to FALL directly onto the top of my mother's shaving foam button, which then sprayed ALL over the walls! It even happened to spell out a VERY BAD WORD while doing so! Can you believe it?!

As you can see, we've all had a laugh about it now!  Everyone at some point, has attempted to cut their own hair and she has enjoyed hearing the stories and has decided that it might be best to leave things to the professionals next time!

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