Thursday, 17 November 2011

Slapped Cheek, Fevers and Bananagrams

Yesterday was a day off work for my daughter and I.  She had a slight temperature and the little one had slapped cheek.  We pottered about.  I edited some photos, she watched some day time tele, we played bananagrams... I LOVE that game.  Alas, she was not so impressed and got bored rather quickly:-(

Had to take a few pictures to confirm to myself that it's slapped cheek.  It comes and goes.  Apparently, once the rash appears they are past the contagious stage.  So feeling a bit guilty about the people that he could have passed it onto before we knew, but then he must have got it somewhere himself I suppose.  And I think that's the end of that and will explain his recent clinginess.
All in all, it was a peaceful sick day.  

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  1. This game is so much fun! Anyone who loves Scrabble will love Bananagrams. It's challenging for several players or just two. It is a great game to test your spelling and expand your vocabulary. I highly recommend it!


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