Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Cardboard Toys By Flatout Frankie
Getting wound up by this.  I know that this advert is not aimed at me personally, but the fact that it is aimed at mothers offends me.  Sorry to grumble- but I just can't help myself.  
Are there actually people out there who would spend money on a "designer" cardboard box?  Do they think mum's are frivolous with the cash?
And while we are on about spending money....
I'm in a bad mood.  About Christmas.  I have cancelled my magazine subscriptions because I am fed up with being told what to buy.  And how I need this, that or the other for the Christmas season. One of my old favorites; "Easy Living" had an article on one page about not buying/giving useless tat to anyone for Christmas, and then proceeded to try to inspire me to buy useless, expensive stuff on the following pages.  BAH-HUMBUG!
1) I don't like spending money.  I am not a shopper.
2) the magazine has gone upmarket since it began- slowly turning posh-pretending-not-to-be.
3) I don't need to be told what to wear by people who think it's justifiable to spend over £1,000 on a maxmara dress.  My friends and family will still love me if I'm wearing my jogging bottoms.
4) Every SINGLE year magazines publish articles about "how to survive Christmas." Stress-free cooking", "how to handle the blended family" ecetera, ecetera. Get a NEW approach.  SO BORED of that!
5) Having recently discovered the world of blogging and the internet properly, I see no need for magazines anymore.  OR paying for magazines in particular.  There are so many great people out there who share inspiring information for free, online.
Sorry magazines, but I think we need a break...

so here is what I propose to counter-act the brainlessness of BUYING designed cardboard boxes and rebelling against magazines pushing us to posh-up our lives and spend beyond our means.

Buy loved ones decent pressies. Things they might ask for and what they want. Fair enough.
But then save the boxes that they come in for the kids.  They don't need you to spend money on a box.  After-all, if you spent £30 or more on a special little cooker box, are you going to let them body slam it? Cut holes in it, colour it, let their imaginations run wild on it?

Here is some amazing stuff we have done with bog standard cardboard boxes:

Tower Block



Rather tight squeeze into the lift!




Cheesy Christmas Card photo prop

And if you are someone who wants to spend money on a cardboard box for your kids to play with, then by all means, let me know.   Send me some money and I'll post a box to you!  I'll even paint it and cut some holes in it for you too if you want.  Because it's FUN!

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