Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Putting a lead on it...

I thought this video was funny because it reminded me of me and my dog. Except I have to use lots of different tones to eventually get her attention back to me and away from the birds or whatever. Squeeky, high voice is the one that will usually draw her back to me. I just have to hope no one is there filming using my multi-toned panic voice!

But this video reminded me of something else as well... It just seemed so familiar.
Shamefully, it reminded me of me and my 5 year old on the school runs recently.
He likes to RUN. And he likes to BE FASTER THAN ANYONE ELSE. I can see it in his eyes- is it a testosterone thing? Once he goes, he's off, and I'm standing there shouting his name over and over, louder and louder. I had to ask him the other day if he actually knew his own name anymore, because he didn't seem to react to it when I was using it.
So we've had to go back a couple years and practice ROAD SAFETY. If you can't stay near/with me, then you will have to hold the pushchair. He loved that.
Just as much as I love shouting outside of the school, with my big hair and double buggy.
to give him credit, he knows how far he can go, he just gets caught up in the moment with his friends, (other boys) and the fact that he takes no notice of me is not safe practice and not a good example for the little ones.


  1. Hello, random question about deco pens (post of yours from november, comment should probably be there...

    Can I ask you aboout a couple of questions about these?

    1. Are they smelly
    2. How long do they take to dry?

    I'm trying to organise craft activities at our infant school Christmas fayre and am worried about fumes and mess (i.e. I'd be more than happy to let my own children do this, but other parents seem to be a bit more craft phobic...

    THanks for any advice


  2. Hi Catriona,
    I couldn't find email for you so I hope that you get this.
    It looks like they are water based acrylic- so kid friendly although probably best not to let them lick them. They dry quickly depending on surface- we've always been careful not to smudge when using on glass- but even then they seem fast-drying. NOT SMELLY that I have noticed- and I do normally notice those smells. (When I was pregnant in university I LOVED the smell of the teacher's whiteboard pens.)
    Hope that helps! I was thinking of bringing them into the toddler craft group myself and having them make xmas pressies by colouring on jars and making candle/pen holders.
    Let me know how yours goes:-)

  3. That's fabulous, I'll order some. Thank you very much, and I will let you know how things go!


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