Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Our Kitchen

I tried to crop out the large part of the washing up pile:-)  Normally it's a depressing outlook from the sink as it looks out to the utility room wall and it can be quite dark.  But yesterday I was working on some stuff with flowers and so I pretended that I had a little flower shop and that the utility room was the "staging area" where I prepared the bouquets for delivery.  (sad- I know but made the washing up a bit cheerier.)

Our kitchen is also our gallery...

and a dumping ground and craft workshop...

and a place to display stuff we like...

and collect...

and collect.

Our kitchen is a place to show off our beautiful crockery,

and cook from recipes hand-written by family

and friends.  I will never forget reading this one as 500g butter.  I have learned a bit more about cooking and baking since then:-)
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  1. Great Kitchen...A real family room! I love your coffee pot! Gorgeous! Love your blog header too x

  2. Oh my goodness I love your kitchen. I'm a neat freak and all, you know, everything in it's place. But I love love love this. So homely x

  3. OMG my Mum had a coffee pot exactly like yours!!!
    What a wonderful homely kitchen you have.

  4. Just stumbled across your blog...
    how beautiful!
    layout/words/photography.. adore. defo your newest follower (:

    You have sucha talent at capturing an essence in your's compelling .

    Love Roma :) xxx


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