Monday, 14 November 2011

New Backdrop!

Things here are busy! But what's new?
I volunteered to shoot family portraits to raise money for our school,  which is exciting; but also nerve wracking.  Will I get a good shot?  Will the family be pleased?  Will is raise enough money and be worthwhile?
It's fun for me, but it does mean 2 weekends of shooting and late nights editing.
To make it easier for me, my wonderful husband went out and bought me a brand new vinyl backdrop!
I've been working with a white or black material backdrop up until now.  Our first backdrop was a beige colour.  That didn't last long.  The photos were blah. Uncrisp.   The white and black material was a lot better, except that even with hubby's expertise in light arrangements and hours with the iron, there would still be a lot of wrinkles that require a large amount of time fixing in photobox.
While I've been dreaming of those faux floorboard vinyls and vintage wallpaper backdrops for baby shots, this is fab for basics.
This has already saved me HOURS.  Especially considering I can take up to around 400+ shots for each shoot.
Still trying to work out what to do if someone wears white to a shoot.  With adults it's fine having them stand CENTRE but kiddies tend to be all over the place and then get washed out into the white...
practice shots with our own little guinea pigs:

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