Thursday, 3 November 2011

MORE crayon art!

Ok- so it's nothing new anymore- this stuff is all over the web and Everyone has done one.  But now I have too and it was AWESOME!
Let's give some credit to JKcreate on Etsy who I believe started the recent trend.
I bought some cheapie canvases from The Works or Hobbycraft- I can't remember because I always have a collection ready. 
Been collecting precious CRAYOLA.  I am a BIG fan of Crayola.  Been through a lot of crayons and markers in my lifetime, and I think they are the best.  If you are going for science with the kids- different crayon companies have different "recipes" and wax ratios- so different brands and even different Colours of crayons will melt at different rates and have varying properties.  Even within crayola, the different colours melt at different rates and properties-but it will be more consistent than using more than one brand of crayon.
It's what we noticed anyway- but I don't have anything to scientifically back it up.
The kids had a sleepover during half term and I thought it would be a great activity.  The pairs of siblings shared a canvas and chose the colour patterns together and took turns melting. 

first lay out the crayons in the pattern that you want

then glue-gun them on

then melt with hairdrier or heat gun

The boys went melt crazy and had such a good time

 So HAD to do one for myself.  I get a bit jealous just being the craft facilitator most of the times.  So I indulged myself.

Could be a firework- bonfire night craft?

total modern art

This was an attempt at "freestyling".  We just put shaved bits of crayons on the canvas, but they kept blowing away.  And then we tried melted shapes with cookie cutters, but the wax seeped through.  But you could then "print" with them quickly. (star)
It was a great sleepover activity- and will def be one of the highlights of my year.  I know that sounds silly- but melting crayons must trigger some feel-good hormone or something.  Or maybe it just brings back memories of melting/burning stuff in secret as a kid- elements of naughtiness and dangerousness=exciting and satisfying.

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  1. These are FAB! I really must try this very soon


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