Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I've got BIG HAIR and I cannot lie!

Yesterday, I took pride in my big hair.
I don't normally.  It is big, heavy and thick.  And I spend a lot of time and FRIZZ EASE pretending that it's not.
Yesterday, I set my alarm early so that I could get up, wash hair, dry hair, straighten hair and maybe look a little bit more like a "well put together lady" for once.
I managed to wash hair and then the little one caught me coming out of the shower and decided to sabotage my hair drying time with cuddles.
At first, I will admit that I was frustrated.  Having spent the last couple of days with a head ache from putting my too-heavy hair up in a bun, I was looking forward to the dry, warm, light headed feeling of a blow dry.
I had one of the best 20 minute pre-school run cuddles EVER!  And so I tried to go for the damp/heavy, free-spirited hippy curly look instead.  And in my head- I pulled it off.
The baby is a baby no longer and cuddle time is disapearing quicker than I would like.  I've got to take those cuddles while I can!
And I am proud of the fact that I don't let my big hair bother me too much.  I am proud that I can leave the house looking like a mess for the sake of a cuddle.
I tried to find photographic evidence of my hair in all it's massive glory but surprisingly there doesn't seem to be much in digital form.  This may be because: 1.  I try not to let the monster out unleashed and keep it tame with products. 2. I'm usually the one on the other side of the camera.  So here is one when I was a kid- with the triangle shape hair do... this is nothing major here but you can see the potential:
oh dear.
But back to taking pride: This one time in gym class, I was too busy chatting and dancing to pay attention to the softball game.  My hair picked up the pace and caught the ball for me!  Seriously.  It was funny, except that it took me a few moments to actually get the thing out.
And if ever there was an 80s party- I'm sure my hair would have it's day of glory it I let it.
And if I got stranded in a super cold environment, the fact that I basically have a duvet growing on my head will work in my favor I am sure.
Wondering if the kids have inherited the big hair gene...

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  1. Fabulous post praising the glory of thick hair. It DOES have its benefits and well done for accepting it and being proud of it. I have days where a hat is the only option! x x

  2. Ha! Loving the big barnet!

    I too have big hair that I tame daily with straighteners but I always seem to find that when I let is go au natrel andjust freak out that that's when people say something nice about it.

    Of course my hair does get bigger with the application with rain!

    Great photos!

  3. Thank you Ladies! Nice to know that I'm not alone in the Big Hair department! Check out my latest post please- would love it if you would share yours!

  4. As the possessor of very fine hair (and a girl who spend her teen years getting perms to make it bigger) I would LOVE to have your big hair. :-)

  5. The grass is always greener on the other side isn't it Jenn:-)

  6. love this. sometimes my husband sings 'nutbush city limits' when my hair is particularly big. i call it my scared hair. it's not pretty. :)

  7. Yes! Rock the Tina! Please share pictures- I tried to do a linky-thingy on the latest post.

  8. I have big hair too. Sometimes I think I channel Upsy Daisy, and on a bad day Wurzel Gummidge. Still, I like it :)

  9. I love the pride you have in your big hair - I have big hair too, thank goodness for straighteners!

  10. Your hair is amazing and am glad the cuddles are able to come first. Can't stand seeing women who are late for school with their children but perfectly made up tbh.


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