Thursday, 10 November 2011

Box Love Continued

I was reminded of some previous cardboard box glory and couldn't resist singing the praises of the bog standard box a bit more...
Last Halloween we made a cardboard box into The MYSTERY MACHINE to go over the pushchair for a trick or treat parade.

Complete with REAL WORKING HEADLIGHTS! (book lights attached on the inside)

Scooby Doo at the wheel!

even wheel covers cut from cardboard

A model of our own house

This box in the background was my daughter's favorite.  It lasted a good 4/5 months after we moved.  It held lots of kids in it.  Was covered in lots of writing and drawing by the end of it's time.  She was very sad to see it go when it was completely squashed. 

This is her protest at not being allowed a tele in her room.  She just made her own.  Cute, but I don't think she is too impressed.

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