Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Big, Bad Hair Club

So I think that I cheated on that last post about my big hair. It needed a photo in real-time:
My Hair is so big that:
1.Santa brings me a stocking-full of frizz ease every year if I'm good!
2. EVERYTIME that I go to the hairdressers they gently inform me that I have really thick hair. Like for 30+ years I have never noticed this myself. I swear they have a notice that comes up on screen when i phone in to book. The conversation goes like this: Me: Please can I book a wash/cut/blow dry?" Them: "Yes. Have you been here before? Name?" Big pause, tapping of keys... "Oh." Another pause. "Let me see... we have... such and such." I am pretty sure in those pauses it comes up with a bit about the client. Ie- This client has really big/thick hair. It will take you three times as long to blow-dry this monstrosity. DO NOT overbook. Make sure client has a double appointment. Or something like that. Which I suppose is much better than when I've been before and seeing the hairdresser constantly checking time and stressing and cursing me and my great,big hair.
3. I have learned to be more assertive. For example- I have learned to put my foot down and tell the hairdresser to NOT PUT LAYERS IN MY HAIR UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. It needs the weight to hold it down. And NO YOU CANNOT BLOW DRY MY HAIR UPSIDE DOWN. THIS IS NOT THE EIGHTIES.

It sounds like there are some fellow big-haired people out there and I would love it if you would "share your hair"! Stories and pictures in all it's glory please!

This is my first linky up- hope it works!

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  1. Keep on posting these types of articles. I like your blog design as well. Cheers!!!


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