Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Thou frothy, fool-born flap-dragon!

Our lovely neighbour brought round some hand-me-down books for my little book worms.  There was a beautiful set of Shakespeare Stories included in the lot; which the kids are whipping through at a record pace.  Before I even had time to consider whether I want them to be reading the watered down versions, or to save themselves for the real stuff; they had already read all about unrequited love, cross dressing, dramatic suicides and war.  Not the normal reading material for my 5/7 year olds, which is probably why they have devoured them completely!
I suppose it will give them a leg up when it comes to trying to make sense of "the real shakespeare".  They can show off to intellectuals by claiming they have read a selection of Shakespeare- prooving it by recounting the tales in detail.  
But just look what they are missing out on:
Seriously thinking about printing this out and hanging it in the kitchen so when the siblings argue, they can move their insult-slanging on from "poo", "stinky", "annoying" and "bottom".

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