Monday, 24 October 2011


We made Terrariums to "bring the outdoors in" for the autumn/winter.  They looked like they would be fun to make and I like thinking of Biodome (the movie) everytime I checked on them.  Can't believe I used to love that movie!
And of course, there are a lot of lessons about the Life Cycle of Plants to be learned...
Freaky wet Koala Paw tapping on the glass

Yoda's in the Biodome Dude.
We followed the layer laid out in the diagram here: and we got the large jars cheapy from Ikea.  It was difficult to find plants that were small enough, even with such a large jar.  Once you put all the layers of compost, moss and gravel in, there is not that much space.
These have had about 2 months to settle.  At first it was so "steamy" you couldn't see in.  We had to find the right position for them- away from little hands that could pull them down (they are HEAVY) and away from direct sunlight.  Still not sure if they will survive.  There are bits of green algae stuff in the soil- so I'm assuming that's not good-even though we used the charcoal that was suggested to prevent that happening.  We shall see!  Feels odd teaching the kids about how we need to keep on top of watering most of the plants in the house- except for these ones.
Links to National Curriculum: KS1 Sc2 Life processes and Living Things, 3a plants need light and water to grow, SC2a ask questions: How? Why?
Life Cycle of Plants

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