Thursday, 27 October 2011

Magnetic Paper Dolls

     For some reason, Boden decided to send me regular catalogues a few years ago.  I liked their clothes, I liked the pictures of  kids being kids and looking super-cool at the same time.  Ladies looking casually, yet stylishly well-presented.  And I was tempted.  By the "lifestyle" their clothes presented.
But then, I looked at the prices.  And then I looked at my children covered in goodness knows what and growing every minute.  And I looked at myself, flicking through the pages, in my grubby, paint/weetabix/glue coated jogging bottoms and my ever-changing body shape/size post-kids.  And I was happy.  Because I wouldn't fork out a small fortune for a trendy outfit that would either be destroyed within minutes or doomed to be "good clothes" that are saved for special occasions, only to be too small (for the kids or my growing bottom-half)  when they made it out the wardrobe.
Instead- we could lead our super trendy family life on a magnetic whiteboard in the comfort of our own home.  
Yeah, that's my boy!  He's a ROCK STAR!

Hmmm. I think our heads got muddled up.  Supposed to be the other way around!

darn-it!  I just realized that I'm actually always cast as the frumpy one!  hmpf!

(There are way more Boden clothes magnets not featured here)
All the cutting and sticking and LAMINATING was much more fun than spending money.  The clothes have lasted a good few years now.  AND I didn't have to deal with the stress of actually trying things on and realizing that I don't look as amazing as the models, because actually; (in magnetic form-bottom half) I do! (But only if I have done the magnet combinations myself.  The kids have other ideas for me.)

I did think that things should be updated.  We've had a new addition to the family, who needed his place on the board.  We also always include the childminded kids- so we wanted their cute little faces added.  So we've added some new clothes and some new characters to our collection.
I also really like the "paper dolls" (vintage) that you can find images of on the internet.  
(Just google: vintage paper dolls, images)
If you laminate them, they last must longer than paper dolls.  You can also go all international and seasonal.  We used the Halloween dolls from babalisme
I used my hubby's "proper" laminating machine because even though that contact paper is fun/cheap- it doesn't give a lot of strength.  I love that machine.
For me- this is the best way to get a whole new wardrobe/new body!  I hate clothes shopping and I hate spending money, especially when things aren't going to last.  
And the all the cutting and sticking is a great way to keep the kids busy on a rainy day.  
Just remember to round the corners on the sharp, laminated edges.  And make sure that you get some varied outfits/characters/seasons/celebrations/skin tones/traditional costumes in there if you want to impress Ofsted:-)

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