Sunday, 16 October 2011

Little Archaeologists

So- girly has been challenged by her Brownie group to hold a fundraising event to help rebuild the local guide centre.  We decided to hold a craft and cake sale as an excuse to make stuff!
Although it is fun- it is a lot of work cramming in making sessions into our already busy schedule.  So one night we are making "mosaic" pictures.  Not really proper mosaics, but making pictures from the plates and cups I smashed up with my friends when we were making mosaics a few months ago.
Now it's nearly bedtime.  In fact, it IS bedtime.  So the kids started to take their time and mess around and take full advantage of being allowed to do crafts instead of brushing teeth ect.
I was just about to "get firm" and tell them  to "stop playing poker with the tile pieces and get on with your pictures if you want to make one", when I saw this:
They told me that they were being archaeologists and sorting and finding matching pieces to try to rebuild the plates/mugs ect...
And Now they have found my weak spot!  If they can turn messing around into a "learning experience"- they'll be more likely to get away with it:-)

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