Tuesday, 11 October 2011

I love my friends:-)

My friends are great.  Not only do they let me eat all their food and drink their fine coffee, but they look after my kid while I snoop through their house!  I love their home- they have a good eye for decorating!  I'm just thankful that they have us back time and time again even though we leave them with such chaos...
Here are some sneaky peeks of their beautiful home and our lovely coffee morning, in case you are nosy like me!

Fresh from the garden...

Look how busy they've been!  


Flower for mummy! Melt my heart:-)

we try to clean up after ourselves...

The Shed and more goodies from the allotment

You know you want to play ball with me really!

It wasn't us. We didn't do it!

Beautiful tile fragments found in the garden

Ageing is depressing apparently.

Birthday Dog decorations

The "Elvis" room

Watching the cars/buses/lorries...

Cottage bedroom views

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  1. Lovely photos and beautiful cottage! Really like their bedroom wall montage, I'm doing something similar in my bedroom.


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