Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween

Why I get so excited about Halloween- I do not know.  But I do.  And I expect everyone else to get excited too.  On short notice usually.  The fact that we live in England and that it's still not a huge event here- doesn't deter me.
What usually happens is that I end up stropping with a big bucket of sweets because we've had no trick or treaters.
Luckily, today has been GREAT.  Friends have come round to make crafty/spooky bits with their kiddies and a few public announcements (on social networking site) inviting trick or treaters seems to have helped.  The kids asked their school friends to come round too.
There wasn't a mass turn out, but it was great.  The neighbours were out, the kids were spooking eachother in the street and our friends were very indulging.  We are just so lucky.

How cute are these lanterns?! Think we'll have to make some next year.

Trick or Treating Bliss

 Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

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