Friday, 28 October 2011

Did I mention that I LOVE Autumn?

We have been so lucky with the weather today!  It was gorgeous!  Not only did we fit in a Pumpkin Hunt, but also got a "brisk" walk in.  LUSH!  Slight downside was that one of the kids was not on board my happy train and blemished the walk with moaning.  Until the last five minutes when they decided that actually they were having fun.  I had to practice actively ignoring the whinging.  But it still eats away...
It was a great day anyway!
Whoa Mama!  Pumpkins!

My New Fav Garden Centre:-) 

He wanted to run down a MEGA steep hill cheese rolling style,  but I asked him nicely (e-hem) to be more sensible- so apparently rolling down the geese poo "hill" is the saner option.  He pointed out that when he came on a field trip here- his teacher let them run down the hill.  I pointed out that on that occasion, one of the boys ended up head-over-heels with some nasty neck-moves on the way down.  This was also the teacher who had just flushed the school camera in the toilet, so still, maybe not the best option to RUN down the hill. 

Awwww. Sibling Love:-)

Real Sibling Love

This is what the little one thinks of a group shot.

Cone Happy

I was a bit annoyed with all those darn cars parked in the way of the amazing leaf reflection.

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  1. Yeah another autumn fan... Those colours are absolutely gorgeous. My favourite season.
    Your children are adorable too... So funny wanting to roll down that huge hill!
    Jennie. X


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