Wednesday, 13 July 2011

A very expensive "walkies"

A couple of weeks ago, some friends and I  took our dogs out for what was supposed to be a lovely walk/run through fields and forests at sunset.
Having been really well behaved on our routine walks around home- I thought "yes, I know what I am doing with my dog.  I am in control, and the pulling issue is no longer."  HMPF! She pulled like a maniac.  Somewhere new, somewhere exciting.  A friend to show off to.  Mummy's busy chatting and doesn't like to tell me off in front of her friends. Pull pull pull pull PULLL PULLLL PULLLL!  Meanwhile I am trying to do all the training mumbo jumbo.  Husband is telling me what I SHOULD be doing and HOW I should be doing it, because of course, he is an expert dog trainer.  Meanwhile, while bickering, the dog is continuing to pull, and we are trying to keep kids in order by the road until we get to the field.    And our friends' PUPPY is putting us to shame by walking to Heal.
Finally, after maybe half an hour, we reach the field.  This took so long because husband was doing the whole- stopping-every-time-you-pull dog stuff.
Sooooooo.... I am still insisting to everyone that we are having fun, isn't it beautiful!  Let's relax now and let the dogs off the leads and let them be freeeeeee!  Happy, happy, lalala!
And our gorgeous dog is happy to be let loose.  Exploring, chasing balls and thankfully tolerating our friend's dog.  It's nice to be out.  But I start getting nervous because she keeps running in the brambles, searching for balls, birds, rabbits, who knows what else.  But we are having fun right?!  Everyone is happy right?!  Relax!  The kids are starting to complain that they are hungry/tired.  Husband is pointing out that it's getting late on a school night... ok, so let's just do the loop and enjoy it everyone!
It was a gorgeous evening.  It was a gorgeous walk, albeit a tiny bit stressy.  But it was all good.  The dogs got their exercise and were happy. Until...
the following morning I wake up to find the Dogbot doing a very fine impression of a pirate, with one eye shut tight.
Visit to the vet shows that she has damaged her eye on some brambles most likely.  Lots of money.  Lots of worry for my poor puppy and lots of meds.
After a week, it heals nicely, but she is licking her foot so much that her skin gets all raw.  She doesn't limp or complain or anything, but needs the vet.  Another huge amount of money handed over so that they can pull a huge thorn out of her foot.  More antibiotics and so forth.  And she comes home with a cute bandaged foot.  Which she has now started chewing at, so she has to wear the hat.
She's pouting for the picture but she actually doesn't mind.  She can still do everything.  She can even plow her way through the place quicker.  I already have a bruise on the backs of my legs from her hat ramming into me.
Husband has informed me that she is not to leave the house.  It's just too expensive.  If we do, I think we will be investing in a pair of doggles, dog shoes and a dog bandana to keep her ears down as they tend to get grass seeds in there too.  Been there done that!  Maybe just a large version of those hamster balls would be the safest option...

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  1. Thankfully our pup hasn't done himself injury, worst we've had is a high temperature and vomiting which some drugs quickly cleared up. Pet insurance is a must I think, worth it's weight in gold for any serious injuries.
    She's a beautiful girl though and I'm not sure you can ever stop springers being a little crazy.


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