Friday, 22 July 2011

Solar powered lights

So my ambitious self was planning to make Sun Jars with the kids.  There are lots of different instructions on the web how to make them.  Here is an example:
I nearly had all my bits gathered together along with some cheap garden lights from Sainsburys ready to be taken apart.
Then pottering around in Ikea- found their new section of SOLAR PANEL lights.
Some of them were only a couple of pounds.  I'm now wishing I bought more of the small yellow ones because they are so handy.  I was just worried that they might be a bit flimsy.

Ok, so it's not as much fun as taking apart solar-paneled garden lights and reconstructing them in jars to be carried around.  But I'm sure we might get round to this in the future when the kids are bit older.  In the meantime, the small yellow lanterns are great as nightlights, for at home, or camping.
Here is another great campervan nightlight that we had last year:
These aren't solar panels, so I'm coming off course here- but they are nice and small and portable (£5) and very groovy in our campervan:-)  They did really well for the whole summer, but this summer, the liquid seems to have evaporated somewhere...
Glo-Sticks are also great techno-camping fun!

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  1. I might have a go at that tutorial (minus the toddler) I like the idea of a sun jar. Thanks for the link to it. :)


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