Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Sand Casts

Having seen this, I HAD to try it out with the kids.  It's a great summer-themed activity, and a great way of recording memories of little (or not-so-little-anymore) hands and feet.  I ordered a large bag of casting plaster  from Baker Ross for about £11 and we used our sand pit in the garden.
The sand needs to be a bit wet so that the shapes keep.  Also- make sure sand is free from leaves, and other tiny bits and bobs that you don't want lodged in your casts. You might need to help push feet and hands down furthur into the sand to get a deep enough mould.
Mix up the plaster according to the instructions- and not using your finest jugs and spoons.  This stuff is not so easy to clean.  You need quite a bit- but working in smaller batches is best as the plaster tends to thicken quickly and you want it to be "pour-able".  This plaster batch in the picture was too runny.  I thought I would be clever and make it more watery so that it was easier to pour, but once the casts were dry from this batch- fingers and toes broke off.

Leave casts to dry for about an hour.  (We left ours overnight) Then simply lift them out.
Dust the sand off and rinse under a tap and leave to dry.

Baby's feet below are not as defined as he didn't want to stand still!
You can see where the owner of this hand was digging down a bit- as the fingers even come out at you!
Really happy with the results, and will do more.  The website where I got the idea suggested that you could take the plaster on holiday with you and make casts on different beaches.  Great idea- but probably best not to try and bring plaster powder in your hand luggage if you are travelling abroad- but a great campervan travelling craft perhaps...
They would look great in a shadow box (with the smaller sized feet/hands) or you could stick a hook in the back of the cast before drying time is finished.  
Links to The Early Years Foundation Stage: Personal, Social and Emotional, Problem solving, Reasoning and Numeracy (comparing size/shapes), Physical Development, and Creative Development
Could be developed furthur for older children- What we use casts for? Dinosaur topic- casting dino footprints. What else could we make casts of...
Our display on the bathroom shelf goes well with the beachy knick-knacks the kids like to collect from boot sales.

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  1. This is an amazing idea. I may have to try this with my little one. Thanks. :)


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