Monday, 11 July 2011

Rainbow Crayons

If you are looking for a way to keep the kids busy for a while- make these Rainbow Crayons!
 Getting them to peel off the labels from old broken bits of crayons, proved to be quite a calming activity.  Then have them place them in an old muffin tin, in cupcake liners.  Pop them in heated oven until they melt.

Let them cool and pop them out!

I can't say that they make great rainbows on paper, but I think that most of them look amazing.  You can see that some didn't melt that well and some of the bits don't work very well.  I think these are mostly the cheap supermarket brand crayons.  CRAYOLA is my fav.  
Great way to get rid of all of those broken crayons and to keep the kids busy and entertained, but not much of a usable result.  I have seen people melt crayons down into old film canisters, in a more layered and organized fashion.  That way, you will get the rainbow effect.
 Link to EYFS: Creative Development, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, science: learning about how materials change when melted/cooled.

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