Thursday, 7 July 2011

Give a Kid a Camera

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I have always loved taking pictures and looking through other people's pictures.  What better way to see how my kid's view life than to hand them a camera?  To be fair, I didn't hand the camera over; the toddler got it out of the drawer himself.  One of the best "kid-cams" was when my friend gave my 6 year old sister the video camera at our wedding.  There is some great footage of "secret conversations"  and other bits and bobs that we never would have known about since we were too busy being bride and groom.  Most people didn't notice the little shorty weaving in and out of their legs, documenting all sorts of great stuff.  Reality wedding tv:-)
   When you look through photos that a child has taken of your lives, it can be a great way to reflect on lifestyle.  If you think about how much you might pose for the camera, or only take pictures in your house when it's immaculate and tidy- you have to think if that is an accurate reflection of your daily life.  In the future, it might be nice to look back and see life as it REALLY was.  Once the kids have flown the nest, you might find yourself missing the chaos that was...
The kids have always had access to our cameras, but I've recently discovered the Picassa collage option which is a fun and EASY way to see all the pictures of our bottoms, floors and occasionally a face!  Don't ask me about all the dodgy stuff going on with google, picassa and use of photos though please.  I just like it because it's pretty.
So, give your kids a camera- I would love to see the results!  


  1. We've recently given our 7 year old a camera, he loves snapping away and takes loads of photos, although I have to say I hate having my photo taken and so he has to resort to sneaky measures and 'getting' me when I'm oblivious so there's some very strange photos of me out there! :-)
    It's obviously rubbing off on my 4 year old as well as he ran up to me with the camera today and said 'cheeeese' pity his eye level only comes up to the top of my legs though so I have no head lol! :-)
    Kids taking photos are great, as you say you end up with great photos!
    (By the way I found your blog via netmums!)

  2. My two year old is always stealing my camera and she loves taking photos. I am actually debating get her her own cheapy one just so I don't get all nervous when she's playing with mine.


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