Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Decorating the Boy's Room

I have been looking forward to decorating the boy's room for a while now.  I can't say that it's been a good experience though.  Swapping bedrooms created MESS and chaos, and I may have thrown a bit of a wobbly in the middle of the week when the late night painting sessions and mess had gotten the better of me.  Then, I let the boys choose the colour- and it wasn't looking like it was supposed to on the tin and I was a little bit annoyed that  if I put a yellow sign up- it would look like the IKEA logo room.  Nevermind.  Sorted non-stop all weekend and I think it's worth it now.  Especially seeing how happy the boys are:-)
During: The Chaos

for once I actually regretted taking before pictures, because when I was depressed about the blue, I looked back and thought that this looked better:-(  It looks ok here- but needed a fresh lick of paint.  This was after I painted the ceiling.

Below: I liked the wallpaper that was here when we moved in- but thought it was a bit girly.  Couldn't be bothered to remove it though.

 Why not to paint at 1 in the morning- look at the blue splodge on the ceiling.  I'm not very good with the prep work!  Shhhh... don't tell my Dad!

Below: A RARE sight.  All clothes ironed and PUT AWAY!  

Pictures up

Monkey's Room too

                                                      I love the Ikea "grass" Rug
                                Printer Block I found at the market for £7 can now hold Treasures!
                                                                      Boys Toys are cool
                                                     I may have been having a play myself here...

The Map Wall.  I "papered" over the girly wallpaper with old maps.  I used wallpaper paste and then once it was dry- did a layer of gloss over.  They are a bit "topography-like" because of the textured flowers underneath- but also because I'm not very good at wallpapering.  But I'm still very happy- and the boys are happy!


  1. Wow, I love the map wallpaper idea. I'm very jealous, I'm desperate to decorate a house but I'll be in rented for a long time yet! Hope your boys are enjoying it, they are very lucky. :)

  2. Loads of fab idea there. I really love the maps! And that grass rug is cool!


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