Monday, 11 July 2011


Bought these Decopens last year from Yellow Moon.  They cost about £10.99 for a pack of 6.  I LOVE them.  We bought them for my daughter's party, along with a few packs of suncatchers for one of the craft tables.  A pack of about 9 suncatchers costs about £4.50- you can get different themes- and they come with a ribbon or cord to hang them with.  These were VERY popular.  When I bought these pens, I did think they were pretty expensive.  And then I was worried about letting kids go wild with them- because I didn't want them to get ruined and I was also worried about them getting ink on their party clothes and then I would get in trouble with the parents.   So far, all of these pens- apart from the pink one- have survived 3 parties and my own kids!  And I haven't had any complaints from the parents- only praise for keeping their kids occupied and giving them some peace for a few minutes!  Here are some of the things you can do with them:

We bought this wooden box from Hobbycraft- I can't remember how much it cost, but it wouldn't have been more than £5 and its a great size for holding treasures.  The colours are quite bold on here.  I thought they might sink into the wood and bleed but they were fine.


Colouring on an old peanut butter jar to make a pen holder.
(By the way- that is an old place mat that we made some years ago- the kids cut out bits from cbeebies magazines and other kids magazines, made a collage and then I laminated them.  They could use whiteboard pens to do the activities over and over while waiting at the table.  Great learning fun and a great excuse to use the laminating machine!)

I'm noticing a theme here... wondering if Yellow Moon or Baker Ross wants to hire me to do product reviews and advertising....:-)

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